Reiki, Sound Healing & Biofield Tuning

In Austin, Texas

Belinda Morris. certified Biofield Tuning therapist and Reiki Master, offers several paths to stress relief, deep relaxation, and self-healing.


Our Offerings

Lovitations offers in person and distance healings, group sessions, Reiki classes and more.  Explore our Services or book and appointment and allow the good energy to transform you.

Reiki & Sound Healing

Most Popular

 A light touch flowing of healing energy throughout the body with the mesmerizing sounds of  Singing Bowls for deep relaxation and expanding the peaceful state.

Reiki Classes

A full spectrum of traditional Usui Reiki Classes as well as a Reiki internship for students who wish to start their own practice.   Click to browse class descriptions, dates and costs.

Biofield Tuning

 Bring more harmony to your electromagnetic field as we ‘comb’ through the field with an activated tuning fork until ‘noise or congestion’ is softened and cleared. 

Group Events

A variety of healing events from Reiki and Sound Healing, and Bio Field Tuning, to various meditation events, monthly community Reiki Days and Reiki Shares.


 The Benefits of Reiki & Sound Healing

The benefits of Reiki are cumulative, so the more regular Reiki you receive, the better you’ll feel.   

Accelerates Self Healing

Enhances Spiritual Connection

Relaxation, Stress / Tension Relief


Reduces Aches and Pains

Deeper, More Consistant Sleep

Increased focus and clarity

About Belinda

I work with the energetic body as a Reiki Master and the electromagnetic biofield as a Sound Therapy Practitioner, and as a Certified Sound Therapist I am living my intention to bring more peace and coherence to the world.

I am also professional musician in Austin, TX performing as a violist in Angelic Strings, since 2004.  Being a professional violist, allows me to experience the power and joy in live music at weddings and events. 

Belinda Morris Reiki Master and Sound Healing Therapist


Learning Reiki is one of the most helpful things you can do for yourself to increase spiritual connection, self heal, and relax and rejuvinate.  Belinda offers all three levels of Reiki classes as well as an internship.


From Reiki and Sound Healings, Kriya Meditation, and Community Reiki Days to Group Biofield Tunings and Reiki Shares, there is always something going on in our North Austin Reiki Community.