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In addition to Reiki Classes and Group Healing Events, Lovitations offers a variety of healing services like Reiki and Sound Healing, and Bio Field Tuning in order to help balance your system, relax you and optimize your body’s healing potential.

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Biofield Tuning in North Austin Texas

Biofield Tuning in North Austin Texas

Biofield TuningEach session brings a little more harmony to your electromagnetic field (your biofield).  As we ‘comb’ through the field with an activated tuning fork, the body has the ability to auto-tune to the fork until ‘noise or congestion’ is softened and cleared.  Bring more peace and light to your body through a sound therapy session with tuning forks. 3 sessions are recommended.  Allow 75 minutes for the 1st session, and 60 minutes thereafter. Distance sessions are available.  The...

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Reiki and Sound Healing Sessions in North Austin Texas

Reiki and Sound Healing Sessions in North Austin Texas

Reiki & Sound HealingThe Radiance Technique, Authentic Reiki is a (hands on) light touch flowing of healing energy throughout the body where all 7 chakras (energy centers) are covered during the one hour session.  As a part of this treatment, I will add the mesmerizing sounds  of  Singing/Tibetan Bowls for deep relaxation and expanding the peaceful state. Relaxing music or a Guided Meditation can be played in the background during the hour. I play the Singing/Tibetan Bowls during the last...

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Belinda the session was phenomenal!!

Reiki with Sound Healing Session

July 26, 2022:

The rest of the day, and the rest of this week has been transformative in both my relationships with close ones and the world around me.
I want to thank you deeply for your professionalism, softness, for listening! Your experience and compassion shines through very much.

~Sharleen Courtney

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