Praise for Belinda Morris, Reiki Master and Sound Healer

On my life’s path, I have had the sacred privilege of learning from and spending time with the most amazing healers and spiritual masters in the world from India, China, Tibet, Nepal, and the USA. So when I need healing, especially heart healing from impossible wounds, I am very selective. As an empath and sensitive, I look for a highly developed, well-grounded, and clear channel who has set aside the personality ego to become the “hollow bamboo,” an Osho phrase, through which Divine energy can do its work. With profound appreciation for her commitment and clarity, I send gratitude and wholehearted recommendation for Reiki Master Belinda Morris. She is trusted, she is the healer’s healer, and she knows.

Thank you for Being.

D. P. - 7/21/19

Author Kate Corbin, "Manifesting from the Inside Out"

My Radiance-Reiki session with Belinda was heavenly. In fact, after only a few minutes on her table, I felt like I was floating in heaven! Belinda is an extremely talented Radiance-Reiki practitioner and I recommend her to anyone seeking an experience of peace and bliss. After floating in heaven for an hour, I left feeling both relaxed and energized.

March 31, 2014 - From Cindy, who had her first session with Belinda in 2003:

My experience with Belinda's Radiance-Reiki sessions have been incredibly satisfying. During sessions, I feel enveloped in comfort, calmness and deep relaxation. I find afterwards, I'm able to sleep more deeply and remain highly focused for weeks after the initial session. Belinda herself exudes a calm and loving warmth that enhances her healing abilities. She is very talented at channeling her energy and noticing areas that need attention. A great gift you can give your body and soul.

March 11, 2014 - From Brenda T., Austin, TX:

I recently received a Radiance-Reiki attunement from Belinda Morris and remained “in a calmer state” for several days. Being a diabetic, my endocrinologist has encouraged me to find ways to go inside and calm myself through yoga, exercise etc. My body’s response to my session with Belinda was that my glucose level dropped 60 points in an hour! That tells me that Radiance Reiki calms us at a cellular level and is an amazing healing experience.