Sound Therapy with Tuning Forks

Biofield Tuning – Each session brings a little more harmony to your electromagnetic field (your biofield).  As we ‘comb’ through the field with an activated tuning fork, the body has the ability to auto-tune to the fork until ‘noise or congestion’ is softened and cleared.  Bring more peace and light to your body through a sound therapy session with tuning forks.

3 sessions are recommended.  Allow 75 minutes for the 1st session, and 60 minutes thereafter.

Cost: $110/session, or 'package of 3' for $270

Distance sessions are available.  The client is on FaceTime with me in order to give/receive feedback throughout the session.  The sessions are interactive and the results can be discussed afterwards as well.

9 minute intro video

Client feedback: "I felt expanded and also peaceful after my session." - Kathy B.

Additional Testimonials

Seated Chair Session & Chakra Balancing with Tuning Forks (50 minutes)

While seated in a chair I can comb the field and column the chakras to bring more coherence to the field and balance and harmony to the chakras. This is an easy and wonderful way to experience Biofield Tuning with Tuning Forks and see how it works for you.

Columning the chakras with tuning forks will open up the flow, bringing balance and harmony to each energy center.  We can add affirmations to amplify the experience.  Feel empowered as we open the flow of chi (life force) to your chakras.

Cost: $95

Sonic Meridian Flush (75 minutes)

I place weighted tuning forks on the body. You will receive the vibrations on meridian points from head/face/arms/hand/legs/feet to toes.  Experience deep relaxation.

This is like a "Day at the Spa" treatment with soft music, candle light, and aroma therapy included.

Cost: $125

Adrenal Rhythm Reset (60 minutes)

This is similar to a regular Biofield Tuning with the focus being on the adrenals for support and rhythm reset. Three sessions are recommended for assistance in restoring a healthy function and pace just from day to day stress. 

Distance Sessions are available. Adrenal Rhythm Reset is not recommended if this is your first Biofield Tuning session.

Cost: $110/session, or 'package of 3' for $270