LOVING LIFE! is what inspired Belinda Morris to begin Lovitations, to uplift and empower the human spirit.

ABOUT: Sound Healing Meditation & Music with Reiki: This is a guided meditation with live music. Both Belinda & Michael are Certified Usui Reiki Master Level III and practitioners of The Radiance Technique. The Radiance-Reiki energy flows through the words and music creating a peaceful & healing space to be in. Belinda will gently guide you to center, & to feeling deep peace, expanding upon the love within & around you. You will be guided to the place of feeling our connection with Spirit and Oneness. From this place you may release stress, allow healing, and grow your inner peace.

Michael enhances the experience with his beautiful improvised music on the harp & flute. Belinda will play the crystal bowl during segments of the meditation as well. A magical & blissful experience is our intention for you. New: We have added the mesmerizing sounds of singing (Tibetan) bowls to take the peace and relaxation to a deeper level.

BIO: Belinda Morris works with the energetic body as a Reiki Master and Sound Therapy Practitioner for anyone looking to relieve stress, experience deep relaxation, and allow their own self healing. Belinda has experienced how allowing deep relaxation with Reiki (a flowing of Universal Energy) can make a tremendous difference in shifting, releasing, and healing any tense energy in the body that is not serving you.

As a Reiki & Sound Healer she has seen the magnificent changes this practice can have on others. Allowing your mind, body, spirit, to transcend the day to day stress and chaos can put you in the space to receive. Allowing the subtle, yet profound healing energy, resonance, and frequency to wash over you can help shift into a harmonious way of being. During a session the 7 main Chakras are balanced and activated.

Belinda began her Reiki journey in 2000-2002 with The Radiance Technique. She received the Usui Master certification in 2017 and became certified Level I and II with the Holigraphic Sound Healing Institute in January, 2016. Training with singing bowls in 2015, she began incorporating Tibetan Bowls with Reiki sessions. This has been a transformative tool to the work. As the Reiki flows through the body, energy shifts can begin to occur. What she has experienced by adding the bowls during the last 10 minutes of a session is the resonance and vibrations of the bowls can deepen the relaxation experience and help to energetically shift anything else that is ready to be released.

Belinda Morris is a professional musician in Austin, TX performing as a violist in the duet (with her husband) Angelic Strings, a harp & viola duet. Angelic Strings has been a part of the wedding industry since 2004. Belinda also performs on the bowls (crystal & singing bowls) when Lovitations are accompanying a group session. She holds monthly guided meditations with Lovitations (live music on harp, flute, and bowls), and also with yoga classes, acupuncture, and wherever their high vibrational music can lend itself. Experiencing the beautiful resonance live music has to offer has brought the profound ways that intentionally applying the vibrations of live music can have a positive effect on a person or in a room.

PERSONAL: Belinda Morris enjoys sharing this energy work knowing that each one of us has the peace and power within us to live a happy and joyous life. She enjoys playing music, cooking, hosting dinner parties, and hiking. She is married to the love of her life, Michael Morris, who is also a Reiki Master. Appreciating the teachings of Abraham-Hicks, listening to audio books, and Mastermind groups are also a significant part of her life. Belinda began living with the principle of God first, family second, career third many years ago. This has served her well in living happily ever after.