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Distance Healing Sessions Community Sound Healing Sessions


- Sound Healing with
Crystal Bowls, Harp and Flute -

Thursday, October 15th @7pm (new moon)

Online session: link will be provided with RSVP

A guided meditation led by Belinda Morris with soothing music by Michael Morris.

Donation: $10 suggested

These Sound Healing Sessions include Reiki energy flowing through the words & music creating a peaceful space to be in.  Allow the words, reiki, and gentle sounds wash over you to bring a sense of peace and calm.  In this space you can allow "Life Force" and "Light" to flow and strengthen your energetic system.  When our mind, body, and spirit are relaxed and receptive, it is the perfect time to send your intentions out to the Universe.  Ask for what you are wanting to experience more of in your life!  Time to dream big!

Wishing you an Ocean of Peace and Blessings,
Belinda Morris

- Online -
- Abraham-Hicks Study Group -

Dates TBD

This online class will occur every two weeks.

Online using zoom.  RSVP to receive Zoom id. (by email to lovitations @ gmail . com)

Led by Belinda Morris

Donation: $10 suggested

For these online meetings, we will be watching clips from the AbrahamNow broadcasts and discuss.  Learn Abraham's 5 steps (re: conscious manifestation).  Learn useful processes to apply in your life to live more of what you are wanting.

Reiki Share - All are welcome!

Dates TBD
1:30pm - 4pm
Cost: $10

Let's get together and share positive healing energy!  You do not have to be a Reiki practitioner to participate.  New to Reiki or Level I's can receive only.  Level 2 and Master Level can give and receive healing energy.  RSVP for the location and details

- Reiki Level 1 Class -
- Reiki Level 2 Class -

Sunday, TBD
1 - 5:30p.m.



We are not accepting in-person bookings at this time
For distance healing options, please visi:t

Distance Healing Sessions

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